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French Gays Against Gay Marriage

A handful of French gay men has launched Homovox, a website to express their opposition to the marriage equality movement. "Ex-gay" advocate Robert Oscar Lopez writes on American Thinker:
This is important stuff. If France can hold off the national legalization of gay marriage (which seems a difficult fight at this point), then there may be hope for the United States. This is in effect Europe's last stand for the traditional family. What's great about the arguments from Jean-Marc, Jean-Pier, Philippe Arino, and Xavier is their ability to think outside the stilted identity politics that plagues American sexual discourse. It may be that since France did not have the equivalent of a Fourteenth Amendment to redefine its constitutional logic, the French are less likely to fall for hyper-emotional parallels between sexual orientation and race. Or it may simply be something much more troubling about the difference between the United States and our Gallic neighbors across the sea: their gays are better than ours.
As is their style, NOM has lifted the entire video series from Homovox and uploaded them to their YouTube channel without attribution. Below is one of the clips.

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