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Holy Toner, Monkman

Get your holy toner here!
St. Andrew’s Abbey is a Benedictine monastery, a religious community of Catholic men who are vowed to a life of constant conversion & witness to the Gospel. The monastic community was founded in China in 1929 by the Abbey of Sint Andries Zevenkerken in Brugge, Belgium. The monks prayed, taught, and worked in China until they were expelled by the communists in 1952. In 1955 the community relocated at Valyermo. The monks joyfully follow the ancient Rule of St. Benedict at a hidden oasis in little-known Valyermo, California. Just a 90-minute-drive northeast of Los Angeles, nestled in the San Gabriel foothills of the High Desert, monks have been praying & working for more than half-a-century the way they’ve done it all over the world for more than fifteen-hundred years. Here, twenty Benedictine monks provide & share AND MAKE TONER.

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