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ILLINOIS: Cardinal George Demands Catholics Oppose Gay Marriage

"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: The Illinois General Assembly is being asked to consider a bill called 'The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.' This is a deceptive title that ignores basic truths. Marriage comes to us from nature. The human species comes in two complementary sexes, male and female. Their sexual union is called marital. It not only creates a place of love for two adults but also a home for loving and raising their children. It provides the biological basis for personal identity. It is physically impossible for two men or two women to consummate a marriage, even when they share a deep friendship or love. Does this mean nature is cruel or that God is unfair? No, but it does mean that marriage is what nature tells us it is and that the State cannot change natural marriage. Civil laws that establish 'same-sex marriage' create a legal fiction. The State has no power to create something that nature itself tells us is impossible." - Cardinal Francis George, in a pastoral letter issued yesterday in which he demands that Catholics oppose the Illinois gay marriage bill.

George goes on to plug the Catholic "ex-gay" group Courage and to call on gay people to live "chaste" lives utterly devoid of the loving touch of another human.  In so many words.

Read the full letter.

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