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ITALY: Former Prime Minister Berlusconi Claims To Support Gay Marriage

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has a long track record of vile homophobic statements, has promised to support same-sex marriage if he is returned to power. LGBT groups, unsurprisingly, are skeptical. Via Gay Star News:
Monday Berlusconi said: "I’m in favor of granting legal status to couples who live together, including gays, if there is a majority that makes it possible to change the civil code." But Italy’s gay groups are expressing concern and "disillusion." Fabrizio Marrazzo, Gay Center’s leader, said: "The three governments Berlusconi led between 1994 and 2011 did nothing for LGBT people. Concrete proposals are certainly necessary." Leading LGBT association Arcigay’s president Flavio Romani said: "I have legitimate suspicions about such a sudden change of course. Berlusconi should put his pledge in black and white." Enrico Oliari, president of a right-wing LGBT association, welcomed Berlusconi’s remarks: "Berlusconi’s opening-up over the recognition of gay couples is a piece of news you cannot fail to take account of."
Berlusconi resigned in November 2011 amid Italy's debt crisis.

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