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JSpot: The Straight Jewish Grindr

A Brooklyn woman has launched JSpot, a straight version of Grindr for Jews. Interestingly, you can't join JSpot until the owner determines (via your Facebook page) that you aren't a "jerk."
Elissa Shevinsky has been combing the streets of Williamsburg, Bushwick, Park Slope, Crown Heights, and other neighborhoods packed with singles under the age of 40, looking for recruits who are turned on by the idea, which will officially launch in the next month. While there are several dating options, Shevinsky said sex is what’s selling her site. Users can click whether they are interested in “Casual Sex (Emphasis on Casual), “Casual Sex (and you can stay for breakfast),” a “Long Term Relationship,” “Meeting Great People,” or “Dating & Adventure.” Applicants are allowed to join either site once Shevinsky determines whether they are a “jerk” by analyzing their Facebook profile. “Normally you think of Jewish culture in Brooklyn as people in Borough Park with fur hats,” said Brooklyn Heights tech writer Josh Ross, 38, who is trying to join Jspot. “There’s a lot of people who are culturally Jewish...(and) fine with something more casual.”
Shevinsky is also launching a version for non-Jews.

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