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NEW MEXICO: Democratic State Rep Proposes Ballot Measure On Marriage

New Mexico state Rep. Brian Egolf yesterday introduced a bill that would place a constitutional amendment to legalize same-sex marriage on an upcoming public ballot.
“It’s time to recognize all the families in New Mexico who are headed by same-sex couples,” Egolf said Thursday. The proposal probably won’t have an easy time in the Legislature. Lawmakers in recent years haven’t even been able to pass legislation calling for state-recognized domestic partnership agreements. Egolf’s House Joint Resolution 3 says, “The issuance of a marriage license shall not be denied on the basis that the sex of both applicants is the same. No church or religious institution shall be required to perform a marriage ceremony or recognize a marriage for religious purposes that conflicts with the church’s or religious institution’s beliefs.” The measure, whose co-sponsors include Rep. Stephen Easley, D-Santa Fe, will first be heard in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee.

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