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Newt Gingrich On Gay Marriage

"I think this is a very complicated human problem and Republicans need to take a deep breath and understand we need to deal with the human side of this equation — and understand that we want to defend marriage in its classic form between a man and a woman. I don’t accept that there’s an alternative. The government can declare that a Ford truck is Air Force One. That doesn’t mean it can fly. It’s not that I want to change my belief. I think that in fact it’s a big mistake to be confused about this issue.

"But I think it’s also a legal reality that now people are being allowed to create legal status over here. And if they create it in Maryland and they go on a trip. And something happens to them on that trip. What’s their status if they want to go to the local hospital? I think the Republican Party, first of all, is a very complicated institution. It has a lot of different people in it, some of whom in fact were much more prepared to accept that than others. But I think on balance we’re going to remain the conservative party.

"We’ve got to learn to do it much, much better. I watched us get out maneuvered by the left over and over for the last couple of years in ways that I found frustrating and infuriating. And I think we have to learn from that." - Newt Gingrich, telling Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren that he doesn't necessarily regret his vote for DOMA, but that Republicans have to wake up to the reality that same-sex marriage is now legal in nine states.

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