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Nielsen: Gays Shop & Spend More

Nielsen has come to the shocking conclusion that gay men go shopping a lot.
American same-sex partnered households have significant spending power. In fact, same-sex partnered households make 16 percent more shopping trips than the average U.S. household each year (173 average shopping trips vs. 149 average shopping trips for total U.S. households), according to a recent Nielsen report measuring the shopping habits of U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) households. The additional shopping trips translate into a marked difference in total spending on consumer packaged goods (CPG). Same-sex partnered households spend an average of $8,651 each year on CPG, compared with $6,898 for the average U.S. household. Within the LGBT community, male same-sex partnered households shop more frequently than female same-sex households (182 trips vs. 163 trips), raising male same-sex household annual CPG spending to $8,943—nearly 30 percent higher than the average U.S. household.
But the below chart that compares where gay men and lesbians exceed the national purchasing average is more interesting, yes?  The linked article doesn't make it clear, but one presumes the overall average for each of the below categories is 100.
(Tipped by JMG reader Thomas)

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