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NOM Announces DC Hate Rally On Day Of Supreme Court Prop 8 Arguments

And they've launched a site to support their hate rally. March 26th is the day that the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on Proposition 8.  DOMA will be heard the next day.
Dear Joe, Thank you for your interest in the March for Marriage on March 26, 2013! When the Supreme Court convenes to hear oral arguments in what could be the Roe v. Wade of marriage, we'll be there — and we hope you'll be there with us! We are working hard to finalize all of the plans for this exciting event, and will let you know very soon all the details of the schedule. Again, we're honored by your support and hope that you can show up in person to stand with us on March 26th for what we pray will be an unprecedented outpouring of support for society's most fundamental and sacred institution: marriage between a man and a woman. Together, we'll stand before the Supreme Court and make sure our voices are heard that we will not allow the dismantling of marriage by Judicial fiat to happen on our watch! Thank you for your willingness to stand with us. Gratefully, Brian S Brown.
You may recall that at NOM's most recent hate rally in the Bronx, local Spanish radio bused in tens of thousands of attendees from New Jersey, where they heard one preacher declare that homosexuals "are worthy of death."

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