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ONTARIO: Out Lesbian Elected Premier

Chris Geidner has the big news at Buzzfeed:
With 1,150 votes to Sandra Pupatello's 866 votes on the third ballot at the Ontario Liberal leadership convention on Saturday, Kathleen Wynne was elected to lead the party and becomes Ontario's first female premier — and Canada's first out LGBT premier. Wynne, 59, is married to Jane Rounthwaite, and the party's new leader said she believed her sexual orientation would not be an issue in the race or going forward. "The province has changed, our party has changed," she said earlier in the balloting. "I do not believe that the people of Ontario … hold that prejudice in their hearts." After the third balloting, Wynne said, "It is a remarkable night for all of us."
Ontario is by far Canada's most populous province. Provincial premiers are the US equivalent of a state governor.  There has not yet been an openly gay state governor in America, unless you count New Jersey's Jim McGreevey, who resigned halfway through his term in 2004 after confessing to cheating on his wife with a man.

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