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Sullivan's New Model Booms In First Day

"If our goal was an annual income of somewhere around $900K (we erred on the safe side), we have gotten a third of the way there in 24 hours, which is why we're all somewhat gob-smacked. We feared it would take far longer for us to get that kind of support. Total number of paid subscribers? Almost 12,000 right now. That's still only 1 percent of our total monthly readership - so we have plenty of room to talk more of you into subscribing before the meter hits. And the current number is misleading because of that. We really won't know how effective this is going to be until we actually have the meter in place. That's the only true measurement of how many readers will eventually pay to read the Dish." - Andrew Sullivan, announcing $333K in membership fees on his first day. Lots of graphs at the link.

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