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FLORIDA: Court Approves Listing Of Three Parents On Baby's Birth Certificate

A circuit judge in Florida's Miami-Dade County has ruled that a gay man should be listed on the birth certificate of a child born to a married lesbian couple.  The man donated his semen to the couple and later sued for parental rights. All three are now listed as the child's parents.
“We’re creating entirely new concepts of families. If you have two women seeking to be listed as Parent One and Parent Two, that does not exclude listing a man as father,” said Miami family lawyer Karyn J. Begin, who represented dad Massimiliano “Massimo” Gerina in a two-year paternity case involving lesbian friends who had his baby. Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo, who married in Connecticut, asked that their attorney, Kenneth Kaplan, speak on their behalf. "There are three parties involved. I agree that makes the case unique," Kaplan said Thursday. "People have to understand, the case is really a second-parent adoption, meaning that there are not three equal parents. There are three involved but there are two people who have sole parental responsibility," Kaplan said. "Under Florida law, they make all the decisions for the child. This is an adoption by two women, with him receiving certain rights."
Judging by the comments on the above-linked Miami Herald article, we can expect our enemies to leap upon this case.

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