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Hackers Cause Malware Warning

If you accessed JMG via Chrome today, you likely got a malware warning. Here's the story:
Internet advertising network NetSeer suffered a hack to its front-end Web site today that rippled across the Web sites of its advertising partners. The alerts warned visitors who were using the Chrome browser that the Web site they were visiting was a "known malware distributor." A NetSeer spokesperson confirmed that its corporate network had been infected with malware, and Google subsequently added its domain to a list of malware-affected Websites. Because NetSeer's corporate site has the same domain name as its advertising network, Google triggered warnings on end-user machines warning users to avoid any Web page that happened to include an ad served from NetSeer's servers. But, visitors to these Web pages were not at risk of being served up malware from the NetSeer advertising network, the company said.
It appears that the HRC's Boy Scouts ad was the source of the false warning here on JMG. NetSeer should have the fix in place shortly.

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