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Next Stop On The 6 Train: Koch Station?

As the funeral for former NYC mayor Ed Koch takes place today, we learn that there is a campaign to name the East 77th Street subway station for him.
After Ed Koch is laid to rest today, a group of city officials will gather to push to name the 77th Street station on the 6 line after the beloved 105th mayor of New York. The three-term mayor, who died Friday at age 88, had long campaigned at the station, first as congressman and later as mayor, with his immortal question, “How’m I doin’?” “He called it his favorite stop on the subway,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who is leading the push for the name change. It may be a tougher sell than the 2011 renaming of the city-run Queensboro Bridge after Koch. “We don’t name stations after people,” said MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg. “We have never named a station after anybody.” But an aide to Maloney, Jacob Tugendrajach, called the proposal “a done deal.”
Maloney is my House rep and a fierce backer of LGBT rights.  I wonder how well she knows what we tend to think about the late mayor.

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