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Scott Lively Claims Credit For Current Wave Of Repression In Russia

"On Jan. 25 of this year the Russian State Duma, its highest legislative body, voted to prohibit homosexual advocacy to children, following the enactment of similar legislation in a number of Russian cities, including St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk (the capital of Siberia). Go Ruskies! I am personally very pleased to see this development, having called specifically for legislation of this sort in my speaking tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006 and 2007. During that tour, which began in the Russian eastern city of Blagoveschensk and ended in St. Petersburg, I lectured in a variety of venues including numerous universities, churches and conference halls, and met with numerous government leaders at various levels of influence.

"My pro-family message was warmly welcomed by the people of each of these countries, and to varying degrees the homosexual agenda has been slowed in all of them. To my knowledge the only two Eastern European countries to pass pro-family legislation designed to curtail the spread of homosexuality are Russia and Lithuania, which are coincidentally, the only two countries to whose people I wrote an open letter." - Hate group leader Scott Lively, writing for World Net Daily.  Lively is widely considered to be one of the primary forces behind Uganda's plan to execute homosexuals. He is presently being sued in a Massachusetts civil court for crimes against humanity.

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