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Winter Party 2013: March 6-11

The 20th annual Winter Party hits South Beach in just a few weeks. I was at the very first one and have only missed four or five in the last two decades. Sure, I no longer have the energy (or desire, really) to attend the giant til-the-break-of-dawn megaclub events that Winter Party is rightfully famous for, but I do so love the daytime beach and pool parties - even if I now spend a large amount of the time perched in the shade.  And it's worth noting that despite some of the images such as those seen in the clip below, there are many, many attendees who are my age-and-body peers. (He said tactfully.) The Task Force really does draw quite a diverse crowd and raises a shitload of money for South Florida's LGBT and AIDS charities. Highly recommended. I'll be under an umbrella holding something fruity.

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