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Another Violent Mugging In The Castro

The Castro continues to be plagued by a string of violent muggings, many of which involve the theft of personal electronics. Castro Biscuit reports on the latest:
Around 9PM, Dalton Huckaby, popular personal trainer and 2013 Bare Chest Calendar participant, was on his way home from work walking down 17th Street near Noe St speaking to a friend on his iPhone 5 when it was cruelly torn from his hand by a thief who ran off with the phone at a break neck pace. [snip] Before he’d taken a few steps however he found himself attacked by a second, unseen assailant from behind, who blindsided and knocked him forcefully to the ground . Mr Huckaby slammed the pavement hard suffering bad scrapes and bruises to his face and hand.
Castro Biscuit notes that the city has responded to the latest crime wave with public meetings, town hall forums, and by posting notices that warn against displaying electronic devices while walking alone. Last week The Bay Area Reporter observed that the SFPD has posted "LGBT Safe Zone" notices at their stations to assure residents that their reports will be taken seriously in the event that muggings involve "hook-ups."
The police chief’s LGBT community advisory forum has spearheaded the campaign, which was touted at the panel’s meeting Monday, March 4. Law enforcement officials have acknowledged people may be reluctant to report incidents, especially those involving hook-up crimes. Those cases often involve someone being drugged, robbed, or attacked during a sexual encounter with a person they met in a bar or online. Police have said they want people to report incidents because it helps them spot patterns, distribute resources, and prevent future crimes.
When I was in San Francisco in October, I met with a JMG reader who volunteers with the Castro Patrol, a gay citizens group that walks the neighborhood in orange vests to hand out whistles and help police identify possible problems.  Locals should consider helping them out; I still have their whistle on my keychain. 

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