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Brian Brown: Help Us Bus In Haters

"Great news: The preparations for the March for Marriage are going incredibly well! In fact, the requests we've received from spiritual leaders has been overwhelming. We have received requests from churches for 100 buses that we don't have the funds to assist. That's thousands — many of them from Latino and African-American communities — who want to attend the march but are having trouble pulling together the necessary funds.  I know that some of you reading this email can give a lot more than that. Please realize that for every $1,000 you donate today, you will be responsible for bringing an entire bus full of marriage supporters and activists to the march at the Supreme Court on March 26th so they can make their voices heard loud and clear at the exact time the most important court case of our generation is under consideration." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, whose hate march is shaping up so "incredibly well" that NOM has now re-branded the event as also an anti-abortion march in order to get more participants.

RELATED: We presume that the above-referenced "African-American communities" are unaware of NOM's secret internal memo that outlined their plan to inflame hostility against black people.

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