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Britain's Daily Mail Tabloid Runs Histrionic Story On Scuffle Outside Supreme Court

Britain's Daily Mail today published a raving story that describes the gay participant in yesterday's scuffle outside the US Supreme Court as an Occupy Wall Street activist who has demonstrated in support of murdered Florida teen Trayvon Martin. And therefore, by implication, he's a nut.
Midway through a National Organization protest in front of the US Supreme Court building, punches flew. One, which landed on the face of a marcher, was thrown by gay marriage advocate Sergei Kostin, a former Occupy DC member whom a source in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department described as a 'professional activist.' The other was a gut-punch that Kostin told MailOnline provoked him - one that no one else saw. If that punch flew, one observer countered, however, it's not clear how hard it could have been.

In a telephone interview with MailOnline, Kostin said he only threw an uppercut after he was attacked first, when he stepped between the anti-gay-marriage crowd and a lone sign-carrying woman, in an attempt to protect her. 'This gentleman had his hand on my chest,' Kostin said. 'I've been an activist for several years, and that kind of stuff doesn't bother me. But when he got closer to me, he threw a punch into my stomach.' 'In turn, when he did that I reacted back to him. That's when I clocked him.' Kostin said no law enforcement officers intervened, and he hasn't heard from any since the confrontation.
The Daily Mail story also implies that Kostin is a hypocrite to "Gandhism" for fighting back. The article was tweeted out approvingly this morning by Matt Barber with his notation that this is yet another example of "liberal tolerance."

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