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FRANCE: Paris Hate March Turns Violent, Riot Police Use Tear Gas On Protesters

The Local reports that today's hate march in Paris turned violent when a group of protesters attempted to march down the off-limits Champs Elysees, prompting riot police to respond with tear gas.
100 to 200 frustrated protestors had reportedly attempted to breach a police barricade blocking them from entering the Champs Elysees. In response, riot police forcibly pushed them back from the fences, as well as spraying them with tear gas. Jean-François Copé, leader of the centre-right opposition UMP party, who was present at the protest, called for President Hollande to be "held to account", and expressed his "indignation" that tear gas had been deployed "against families present with their children."
The second clip below is a news report on the march, but does not include the violence.

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