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FRC On NOM's Hate March

"It was amazing to see how many black, Hispanic, and Asian folks had come out for this one. State Sen. Ruben Diaz harangued the crowd estimated at 5-8,000. Sen. Diaz is from New York. He spoke in Spanish. He crowed: 'I’m black. I’m Hispanic. I’m against abortion. I’m against this homosexual stuff. And I’m a Democrat.' He added that he wins by 89 percent in his state senatorial district. When we see dozens of Democrats abandoning their previously held positions and a few Republicans also willing to betray the voters who put them in office, it would be easy to become cynical about everyone in politics. But we have to stand firm and push back. Marriage is a blessing to families. Three-quarters of the teen rapists in our prisons are fatherless young men, so are two-thirds of the teen murderers. Even gay martyr Matthew Shepherd  was killed by two fatherless young men. Marriage bashes no one. Marriage benefits everyone." - Family Research Council senior fellow Bob Morrison, writing for Life Site News. (Via Right Wing Watch)

NOTE: It's rather interesting that the attendance figure for NOM's hate march continues to erode. Also interesting is Morrison's characterization of the speech by Diaz is haranguing and crowing. Heh.

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