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FRC Prays For Illinois House

From the Family Research Council prayer team:
May the Illinois House stand firmly for natural marriage! May the Spirit of God rest upon the attorneys who will defend marriage. May their cases be clear and their words anointed. May God move each member of the Court by the "wisdom that comes from above" and may they be constantly aware that America and they will give account to the Supreme Judge of the World for their rulings on these monumental cases. Until then, may God's people both prevail in prayer and speak out plainly on this all-important case! (Gen 18:21-32; Dt 17:8-20; Ps 7:9-11; 9:8-10; 81:1-4; Mt 19:4-6; Lk :18:1-8; 21:15; Acts 4:33)
Recap: Voting for marriage will totally send you to hell.

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