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Gays Are Wolves In The Dog Park

"You and I may agree that it should be legal to walk a dog in a particular public park. But you may think that the term 'dog' includes only domesticated members of the Canis lupus familiaris species, and I may think that the term 'dog' can include large gray wolves. You may argue that 'dog' should be defined by the laws and traditions that have governed dog ownership for generations, and I may feel that such an approach in unfair to people who want to walk wolves in the park. The point is that we cannot get anywhere until we agree on what a 'dog' is.  Homosexuals are not being denied 'marriage' rights any more than wolf enthusiasts are being denied dog-ownership rights." - Harry Jackson, channeling Frothy Mix and his napkin/paper towel argument.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Harry Jackson speaks in tongues against gay perversion.  Harry Jackson puts a gay newspaper out of business by the power of his prayers. Harry Jackson blames the bad economy on lack of love for Jesus.  Harry Jackson says God has been against gay marriage since the creation of the universe.

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