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Homocon Bruce Carroll: No 2014 Senate Run Because Of Danger From Gay Leftists

Former GOProud board member and Gay Patriot blogger Bruce Carroll announced tonight that he will not, after all, be running against Sen. Lindsey Graham in 2014 because he is worried about his safety from "the gay left."
The bottom line is that my partner John and I made a mutual decision that we didn’t want our entire lives invaded in a way that we couldn’t control. On the show tonight, I discuss the fact that a gay leftist activist harassed me at my place of private employment in 2005 shortly after this blog was born. My job was in jeopardy for a while then and other people at my company of employment were threatened. The magnitude of those type of attacks would only have increased exponentially had I chosen to move into a role seeking public office. The Gay Left concerns me the most; I’ve witnessed good people’s lives and families destroyed over public policy differences. They are beyond the pale.
Carroll adds that his concerns intensified earlier this month when a mysterious unmarked van lurked outside his house shortly after this year's CPAC.  Undoubtedly, that van was packed with dangerous long-haired gay leftists on their way to a warehouse alcohol party. 

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