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More Reactions To Sen. Rob Portman

Human Rights Campaign 
Like countless dads across the country, Senator Portman has made the basic and courageous choice to put parenting before politics. When it comes to marriage equality, all Americans are on the same journey toward recognizing our common humanity. But while 8 in 10 Americans know a gay or lesbian person, it still takes unique courage to speak out publicly for equality. We are very grateful to Senator Portman for his virtuous stand in support of this civil rights cause.
Freedom To Marry Ohio
The honorable U.S. Sen. Portman is the first Republican member of the United States Senate to endorse the freedom to marry, but we believe he will not be the last. We are moved by the love and support U.S. Sen. Portman and his wife are showing their son. We appreciate the fact that the Senator wants his son to be able to marry and form a family to find the same happiness and security as his parents. Each day you can feel the momentum building toward ending marriage discrimination in Ohio. We are going to work even harder with our wonderful volunteers across the state to collect the signatures needed to put this amendment before voters.
PFLAG President David Horowitz
Thank you Senator Portman. I do not quote Ronald Reagan often but he once said 'All great change in America begins at the dinner table' and as a PFLAG Dad, I could not agree more. By publicly sharing his son’s and his own coming out journey, the Senator has opened the door to changing the hearts and minds of millions about our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) loved ones. Senator Portman simply wants for his son what every parent wants for their child: a loving and committed relationship that brings him joy and security. As the President of PFLAG National, an Ohioan--and most of all a parent who loves his child--I applaud the senator for sharing his personal story.
I'll add more reactions to this post as they come in.

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