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New Site: Legalize Jesus

From the website:
CHRISTOPHOBIA is spreading across AMERICA. Christians must end the silence and come out of the closet. We must RISE UP against the intolerant liberal secular progressive mob. I PRAY more Christians in America will become unashamed, unabashed, public glorifiers of JESUS – no matter where they are or who they are with… especially in public and at public schools. It’s NOT against the law to pray, talk about JESUS or wear Christian t-shirts or crosses. Teach your kids to be proud of Jesus and to spread His gospel. Stand up to the liberal progressive Christophobic mob and their ANTI-JESUS agenda. Glorify JESUS NOW.
The best way to glorify Jesus, apparently, is through the purchase of their $19.95 t-shirts. The founder of the site says, unsurprisingly, that he was spurred to act because of homofascism.
“In 2008, my wife and I were watching Fox News and they had a segment where Phyllis Burgess, a 69-year-old woman who was savagely attacked by homosexual activists for simply exercising her constitutional rights by supporting traditional marriage,” he explained. “She was carrying a Styrofoam cross, and the gays grabbed it from her and stepped on it and began to attack her like demons. Here was a beautiful old woman simply trying to stand up for Jesus and they attacked her.”
Burgess is a well-known anti-gay activist whose tactics typically involve wading into the middle of gay rights rallies to scream condemnation.  At the above-cited incident, other witnesses reported that Burgess knocked over a disabled gay man in her attempt to rush the podium at a Palm Springs anti-Prop 8 rally. We presume she's getting a free Legalize Jesus t-shirt.

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