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Obama On SCOTUS: No Predictions

Yesterday President Obama spoke with the nation's two largest Spanish-language networks regarding this week's marriage cases before the Supreme Court. 

Speaking to Univision:
“I never predict what the court will do. But I used to teach constitutional law, and there is certainly a strong basis for determining that in this age, given what we now know, given the changes that have been taking place in the states around the country, same-sex couples should be treated fairly and have the same rights benefits, be able to transfer property, all the rights and recognitions that heterosexual couples do.”
Speaking to Telemundo:
"I think it is time for the justices to examine this issue. I think not only is it right and fair but also consistent with our Constitution to recognize same-sex couples It doesn’t mean everybody has to agree from a religious standpoint about this issue. It does mean that it is very important for us to remember that we’re a nation where everybody is supposed to be equal before the law."
(Via Pink News)

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