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Papal Conclave Begins Tomorrow

Over one hundred men in elaborately embroidered quinceañera gowns will begin voting on their new head cheerleader tomorrow.  Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley is now being named as one of the favorites.
O’Malley has emerged as a popular favorite in some circles, even as many still doubt the princes of the Roman Catholic Church are ready to elect an American. O’Malley led a poll of a half-dozen Vatican experts in the influential daily Corriere della Sera on Saturday, as well as a separate reader poll the paper published online Sunday. O’Malley’s brown habit, signifying his Capuchin Franciscan order’s simplicity and solidarity with the poor, has helped him stand out. So has his fluency in Spanish and connection with Hispanic communities, lending him an international appeal. And he is recognized as one of the church’s most effective leaders in dealing with clergy sexual abuse.
New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan is considered to be the only other American with a shot at the jewel-encrusted golden throne.  The new emperor should be named by Friday.

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