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Paris Hate Marchers Scream Victimhood

At yesterday's hate march in Paris, 98 demonstrators were arrested after a riot police were forced to use tear gas and batons to keep them off the banned Champs-Elysees.  Some protesters were photographed hoisting toddlers onto their shoulders for use as human shields. Today organizers of the march are calling for the resignations of government officials. Via The Local:
Christine Boutin, leader of the Christian Democrats party has called on Interior Minister Manuel Valls to resign after she was caught up in a melee, which saw officers use tear gas to disperse protestors. Boutin was pictured lying on the road, with protesters trying to help her to her feet. "The government is responsible," Boutin said. An angry Lionel Tardy, UMP deputy for the Haute Savoie said: "Why fire tear gas to protect 100 metres of the Champs-Elysées?" Marchers were also furious at the way police managed the protest.

"It's shameful to treat us with such brutality," a 16-year-old demonstrator named Marie told Le Parisien. Valls however, has hit back, criticizing the organizers of the “Manif pour Tous” march for losing control of the marchers. “Some groups tried to break through the cordons. The actions of the police helped to avoid more serious incidents because some protesters had the desire to go into battle. “It was a difficult event to manage but the organizers were clearly out of their depth.”
Thirty police officers were injured in the melee. Organizers are also angrily disputing the 300,000 attendance figure issued by the government, claiming that 1.4 million were actually there.

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