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Press Release Of The Day

The "antisocial networking site" Battlecam claims that later today it will broadcast America's first-ever public crucifixion.
The controversial crucifixion will be captured live from the website and broadcast live on KILM in Los Angeles The uncensored globally distributed internet feed will be available exclusively in FilmOn.TV. Robert Garrison aka Mr. Eyelidz is a 30 year old self-confessed sado-masochist from Florida and a devout member of the anti-social networking site

Mr. Garrison will be nailed to a giant wooden cross with 12 inch iron nails whilst being broadcast on live television, in Los Angeles this coming Easter Sunday March 31st at 7.00 PM In keeping with biblical accounts, local Jewish celebrities such as Zolar Glen a regular on Howard Stern and BattleCam, will actually hammer these nails through the hands and feet of Mr. Eyelidz.

Mr. Eyeliz will then be left impaled on the cross for several hours in public view at the FilmOn.TV Studios, where passers by can make their opinions heard on live TV. A gospel choir will be singing many popular Easter Sunday songs as well as chant Psalm 22 which starts with the immortal words "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
Battlecam claims to have previously broadcast an assisted suicide. Source.

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