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Tony Perkins: Obama's Brief Is Tyranny

"To the 7,001,084 Californians who exercised their constitutional right to protect marriage, the President's decision is a deep betrayal of the democratic process and America's identity of political diversity. Making matters worse, the President's plan for disenfranchising these millions of voters is bringing the full weight of the government to bear against its own people! By enlisting the Justice Department, the White House is using Americans' own resources against them to take away their ability to participate in the democratic process. That's not equality--it's tyranny. In the hands of this administration, the Justice Department is no longer the gatekeeper of U.S. law but a weapon to bludgeon the American people and change laws. And until the administration puts constitutional principle ahead of its extreme liberal political agenda, marriage will be the first of its many casualties." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.

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