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Willie Nelson Backs Marriage Equality

In an interview with Texas Monthly country music legend Willie Nelson displayed the above take on this week's marriage equality meme and restated his well-known support for LGBT rights.
TM: For better or worse, you've also grown into a reputation as something of an authority on marriage itself.
WN: I've been there and back a few times. It's not perfect, so why should we expect it to be perfect for everybody?
TM: But to be clear, you think everybody should be able to get married?
WN: Absolutely. I never thought of marriage as something only for men and women. But I'd never marry a guy I didn't like.
TM: A lot of people think this battle echoes the fight for civil rights in the sixties.
WN: It does. It's about human rights. As humanity, we've come through so many problems from the beginning to here. I guess it finally had to come around to this. This is just another situation, another problem. We'll work it out and move on.
TM: And what do you think they'll say when they look back on this?
WN: We'll look back and say it was crazy that we ever even argued about this
Texas Monthly concludes the article by posting the above weed-equality avatar and inviting readers to use it themselves.

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