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Colombian Senate Cancels Marriage Debate After Protests From Gay Activists

J. Lester Feder reports at Buzzfeed:
In canceling the debate, senate president Barreras clearly placed blame on the LGBT activists. "Hooligans will not be permitted in Congress because it is the home of democracy," he said in remarks published by El Espectador. "I have decided to suspend the discussion of this debate until we meet with the leaders of this important LGBTI community and define with them the rules for participation with full guarantees, but with deep respect for those who think differently." He later announced that a meeting has been scheduled with LGBT activists for 3 p.m. Monday.

The bill's sponsor, Senator Armando Benedetti, shot back via Twitter, "If the debate on #equalmarriage is suspended, it is by order by some prosecutor [like the attorney general], cardinal, or other boss of the Senate."The Colombian congress is under order from the Constitutional Court to pass a bill guaranteeing full rights for same-sex couples by June 20. If it fails to act by that date, couples will be able to solemnize their unions in front of a notary, but more lawsuits are expected about whether these partnerships will be called "marriages.
Hit the link and read Feder's full report.

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