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FRC Posts Shooting Video

The Family Research Council has spent the last day issuing press releases that renew their claim that the Southern Poverty Law Center is directly responsible for the shooting that took place at their office last August.  In a post on World Net Daily yesterday, the FRC revealed that they have demanded that the federal government no longer work with the SPLC.
A key leader of the Washington-based Family Research Council, the pro-family organization attacked by “gay” terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins, II, last year, says he is asking the government to stop utilizing the organization that likely influenced Corkins’ decision to attack innocent workers at FRC’s Washington office. Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, the executive vice president of FRC and also a member of the board of, also is asking the U.S. news media to stop citing reports, statements and claims from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which he said legitimizes the organization. The reason is that Corkins, who has pleaded guilty to a charge of domestic terrorism, confirmed to the FBI that he obtained information about the FRC from the “hate group” listing posted online by the SPLC, and that’s how he picked his target.
To bolster the above anti-SPLC campaign, today the FRC released the previously unseen security footage of the shooting.

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