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From Three Times Married Alveda King

"We are told by abortion advocates that it is 'unjust' that some women cannot afford to abort their babies, so tax dollars must be used to finance the killing of those children. We are told by same-sex 'marriage' advocates that it is 'unjust' that men cannot marry other men and women cannot marry other women, so 2,000 years of wisdom must be abandoned. And yet, the Bible tells us that human life is sacred. We are thereby to choose life over abortion. The Bible teaches us that natural marriage between one man and one woman is part of the procreative process. We are thereby compelled to choose holy and procreative matrimony. In forgetting our heritage, in distancing ourselves from God's moral rules, we are doing Uncle M. L. a disservice, and we are in danger of coming face to face with disaster. So, in remembering Uncle M. L. today, I urge America and the world to remember that he was a servant of God who, though imperfect, tried to point people to the truth." - Three times married and three times divorced Alveda King, who had also had two abortions and tried to get a third but didn't have the money.

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