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GOProud Leaders Step Down

Co-founders Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron are stepping down as the leaders of GOProud, but claim that the homocon group will go on and thrive without them at the helm.  Chris Geidner reports at Buzzfeed:
"It's time. We don't want it to get stale," LaSalvia said, who along with Barron founded GOProud four years ago as a more conservative, grassroots alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans. "The reason why GOProud has been so successful is because we have brought new ideas and new energy to the arena. At some point, what was the outside-the-box thinking all of the sudden becomes the box, and so now, that's the way that GOProud does things. It's our box. It seems crazy to everyone else, but, for us, it's like standard operating procedure. It's time for someone else to come in and shake things up," Barron added.
Both are remaining on GOProud's board of directors. The group is seeking a new executive director. I'm betting that without the regular news-making asshattery from LaSalvia and Barron, GOProud will just fade away. Another upside: fewer faked hate crimes.

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