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Gunpowder Mailed To French National Assembly President Claude Bartolone:
"You Wanted War And You've Got It"

Today French National Assembly president Claude Bartolone was mailed a letter containing gunpowder.  The enclosed message demands that he cancel tomorrow's vote on same-sex marriage and warns: "You wanted war and you've got it." The Local reports:
The one-page letter, signed by “an intermediary of law enforcement,” warns Bartolone that “our methods are more radical and more swift than protests”, according to French magazine L’Express. L'Express reports that the signature, "Interaction des forces de l'ordre", is the same one used in a letter sent in March to a judge currently investigating former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Bullets were enclosed with the letter in that case. 

The package received by Bartolone on Monday will now form part of the same anti-terrorism investigation looking into the threat sent to Judge Jean-Michel Gentil. "Allowing marriage for all would be the same as destroying all marriage," the letter says, before making the chilling threat: "If you were to carry on regardless, your political family will have to suffer physically." Last week, Socialist deputies Sylviane Bulteau and Hugues Fourage were sent letters from anti-gay marriage extremists, threatening to kidnap and kill them or their loved ones, if the gay marriage bill is not withdrawn.
The letter sent to Bartolone echoes last week's words from Manif Pour Tous head Frigide Barjot, who said, "Hollande wants blood and he will get it." (Via Gay Star News)

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