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LIVE: French Senate Debates Marriage

The French Senate began its marriage equality debate today. Opponents and supporters gathered outside in the rain and anti-gay city majors are among those that testified. Watch the coverage live right now.  It's not clear at this writing if today's session has adjourned. The debate is expected to last several days.

UPDATE: Reuters reports on today's action.
On Thursday hundreds of protesters waving flags with the words "Jobs, not gay marriage" gathered near the Senate under drizzling rain, surrounded by riot police trucks. Despite loud opposition and street protests last month that became violent, the gay marriage bill is expected to pass in the Senate thanks to backing by Socialists and allies supporting the bill. The debate is due to conclude on April 13. "There is one solution to find a way out of this political and social tension ... and that's for the Senate to reject the law," Frigide Barjot, a comedian and flamboyant spokeswoman for opponents to the gay marriage bill, told iTele news channel.
UPDATE II: I've moved this post back to the top as the debate is back in session. Here's a new live video link.

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