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Log Cabin On Margaret Thatcher

"Log Cabin Republicans mourns the loss of Margaret Thatcher, a conservative heroine and a maverick with the ability to convey conservative principles in a way few others could. In a gesture similar to her contemporary Ronald Reagan's opposition to the Briggs Initiative (which inspired the founding of Log Cabin Republicans), it was Thatcher's brave move to buck her colleagues and vote to decriminalize homosexuality in the 1960's that paved the way for modern conservatives such as Prime Minister David Cameron to make the conservative case for marriage equality today. Our prayers go out to the Iron Lady, her family, and the people of the United Kingdom who have lost an unparalleled and irreplaceable leader." - Log Cabin Republicans head Gregory Angelo, via press release.

NOTE: The bill to decriminalize male homosexuality in Britain passed in the House Of Commons on July 5th, 1966 by a vote of 244-100. (Female homosexuality had never been outlawed.)  Thatcher was one of the handful of Tory MPs who voted "aye."

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