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London Marathon: We Will Go On

Organizers for the London Marathon vow that this weekend's race will go on as scheduled but that attendees and participants should prepare for extremely tight security measures. Also being planned is heightened security for Wednesday's funeral for Margaret Thatcher.
“In light of the awful attacks in Boston, they will require extra vigilance from everyone involved and it is also to be hoped that everyone recognizes the added responsibility of cooperating with the police and the authorities at both events.” David Lowe, a specialist in security at sports events, told the BBC, “I think you are going to find a lot of surveillance on the crowds.” Among spectators, “there could be people looking elsewhere for totally different reasons, I can imagine that the security will be stepped up.” “We have the two events where we have got to make sure, certainly the security services and the police, have got to make sure it is as tight as possible.”

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