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MONTANA: Openly Gay Rep. Bryce Bennett Intros Bill To Decriminalize Gay Sex

Openly gay Montana state Rep. Bryce Bennett yesterday introduced a bill to formally decriminalize gay sex in his state.
"Under this law, I am considered a felon," Bennett said. "I am not your equal." Bennett said that even though he won't be prosecuted, he still feels the law's "sting" and resents that Montana law classifies gay sex as sexual deviance, on par with bestiality. The bill received the necessary 60 votes when minority Democrats were joined by 21 Republicans, who say the measure is about privacy for all Montanans. Two years ago, a similar measure died in the Republican-controlled House after receiving the Senate's approval. Since then, the Republican Party has removed from its platform language that seeks to make homosexual acts illegal, and some Republicans, like the bill's co-sponsor, Rep. Nicholas Schwaderer of Missoula, have voiced their support of the measure.
Watch Bennett's speech to his chamber.

(Tipped by JMG reader Mike)

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