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NOM Formally Goes International

Over at NOM Exposed, blogger Jeremy Hooper has discovered that NOM is set to begin formally exporting its brand of bigotry to other nations.  They are starting, unsurprisingly, in France.  Hooper writes about the above mailer:
Even more interesting than NOM's obvious connection to this one fight [in France] is the line at the bottom of this e-blast which notes that this French version of NOM is actually "a charter member of the International Organization for Marriage." This is news! This seems to be an announcement of a larger umbrella organization that NOM has not yet unveiled—one that will try to export NOM's American divisiveness to whatever nation might have them. France seems to be a step in a sweeping plan. The thing is, none of us should be surprised to see NOM making this global move. After all, in those same strategy documents that we revealed right here on NOM Exposed one year ago (the ones where NOM told of plans to "drive a wedge between blacks and gays"), NOM made clear its intent to start an international arm.
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