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Perkins Attacks Pro-Gay Senators

"Luckily for us, FRC has the opportunity to work with young people every day who have a better grasp on the issue than senators twice their age. These are the 38%, the next generation of fearless leaders who are standing up for what's right when others won't. They're the brave millennials at FRC who tell their friends that they'll be kind and loving to anyone who makes bad decisions, but also let them know that 'rights come from our Creator. And that same Creator has a clear definition of marriage.' They're the interns representing FRC who slept on cold concrete for two days outside the U.S. Supreme Court, defending truth to a press corps surprised that anyone so young still believed in marriage. They are the hope. Not the weak-kneed politicians who let self-interest dictate their values." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.

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