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Robert Oscar Lopez: Nobody Likes Me II

"My crime is not that I have ever voiced anything homophobic, because I haven't, but rather that I am chummy with people in the National Organization for Marriage, delivered a talk to a French group whose president was once accused of denying the French homosexual Holocaust, spoke at the French 'manif pour tous' against homosexual marriage and adoption, and just did an interview with Sandy Rios of the American Family Association about same-sex marriage. We must be clear in our own minds about the proportionality of what our supposedly shameful allies have done versus what we are fighting against. Take the AFA. Yes, it is true that some people at the AFA have made some strong statements against homosexuality that I cannot defend. But those were statements, nothing more. They didn't do the kind of damage that gay parents will do to children." - Homocon Robert Oscar Lopez, again taking to American Thinker to whine that people really really do not like him.  His previous titty-baby attack is here.

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