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Sante Fe Approves Marriage Resolution

The city council of Sante Fe last night approved a resolution supporting same-sex marriage.
There was a standing room-only crowd for the vote. The Santa Fe Fire Department had to bar the doors before the meeting started, leaving many to watch the proceedings from the hallway. Many in attendance wore red to symbolize their support for marriage equality. Others sported yellow stickers, representing the Equality New Mexico organization, or pink felt hearts that said “All Families Matter.” A smaller group held pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe or wore stickers that said “Life and Family are Sacred.” No public testimony was permitted before the vote. The resolution, which passed by a 5-3 vote (including two abstentions), doesn’t have any effect on state rules and practices.
Last month Sante Fe Mayor David Coss and his city attorney declared that there in nothing in state law that bars LGBT residents from marrying. A bill to legalize same-sex marriage died in the New Mexico House in February.  A lawsuit filed by two lesbian couples should be heard soon.

VIDEO: Here's last night's vote.

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