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Taxi Fares Compared By City

USA Today reports on taxi fares around the nation.
At USA TODAY's request, calculated estimated one-mile, five-mile and 10-mile fares in the 60 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Fares in Honolulu, San Jose and San Francisco are among the highest. Fares in Detroit, Dallas and Pittsburgh are among the lowest.

The most expensive one-mile estimated fares are $8.01 in San Jose and $7.78 in Honolulu and San Francisco. The cheapest? It's $3.70 in Tulsa and $4.35 in Detroit. Honolulu has the highest estimated five- and 10-mile fares — $24.92 and $41.61. The least-expensive estimated five-mile fare is $12.55 in Tulsa; the cheapest estimated 10-mile fare — $19.97 — is in Detroit.
Above are the five mile fares. Hit the link for an interactive chart and the other 40 cities. I'm surprised to see NYC so far down on the list.

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