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Texas A&M Student Body President To Veto Bill To Defund Campus LGBT Center

Yesterday the Texas A&M student senate voted to allow "religiously objecting" students to withhold the portion of their student fees that funds the campus LGBT Resource Center.  Today the student body president announced that he will veto that vote.
News this week that some student senators had targeted the center thrust the traditionally conservative university into the national spotlight, and [student body president John] Claybrook said it was time to "stop the bleeding." “The damage must stop today,” Claybrook wrote in a letter announcing his intention to veto. “Texas A&M students represent our core value of respect exceptionally and I'm very proud of the family at this university. Now, more than ever, is the time to show great resolve and come together, treating each other like the family that we are.” A veto by Claybrook means that the legislation passed 35-28 on Wednesday will not represent the official opinion of the student body at Texas A&M.
It's unclear if the student senate will attempt to override Claybrook's veto, but the close margin of yesterday's vote indicates they would not succeed. (Tipped by JMG reader Austin)

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