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TODAY: SiriusXM At 2:30PM

Today at 2:30pm I'll be on Michelangelo Signorile's SiriusXM show to talk about some of the latest LGBT-related news items. The gays are on channel 108 and you can listen live online if you sign up for a freebie account. What are your top five gay news items of the last week?

RELATED:  Signorile notes on his Facebook page that today is the 10th anniversary of his show. Amazing.
When we began in 2003, George Bush was president, the U.S. had just begun bombing Iraq, gay marriage bans were passing all across the country and we had 30,000 subscribers. On our 10th anniversary DADT is repealed, there is marriage equality in 9 states and Washington DC, and we have 24 million subscribers.
By coincidence, today is the third anniversary of my weekly appearances on the show.

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