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Yet Another NY Dem Busted For Corruption

Democratic New York Assemblyman Eric Stevenson was arrested today on federal corruption charges.
“Stevenson is accused of taking bribes in exchange for official acts, which included drafting, proposing, and agreeing to enact legislation that would benefit the co-defendants’ businesses,” the release announcing the press conference declared. “Two of the other defendants are also charged in connection with their payment of a bribe to another Assemblyman, who was actually cooperating with the Government at the time. The charges include conspiracy to deprive New York State and its citizens of Eric Stevenson’s honest services, federal programs and Travel Act bribery conspiracy, federal programs bribery, and Travel Act bribery conspiracy.”
The "cooperating" Assemblyman not named above is thought to be Bronx Democrat Nelson Castro, who may be resigning today. Stevenson's arrest follows the bust of one-time Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D), who was handcuffed outside his Queens home on Tuesday on charges that he attempted to bribe his way onto the Republican mayoral primary ballot for New York City. Three other former Senate Democrats are already in prison with a fourth due to be sentenced soon. What a mess.

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