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DELAWARE: Senate Committee Hears Marriage Equality Bill Today
UPDATE: The Bill Has PASSED 4-2

The Delaware Senate Executive Committee will hear its marriage equality bill today at 2:30pm at a special session where it's the only item on the agenda. The bill is expected to pass 4-2 in committee, but faces a tight vote in the full chamber. Last week we got some good news when one state Senator flipped into the "yes" column, but the latest head count shows the bill only squeaking by 11-10 in the full chamber, with three Democrats opposed. That's not guaranteed, of course. The bill passed 23-18 in the Delaware House last Tuesday and Gov. Jack Markell has promised to sign it. Delaware readers, please reach out to your state Senator this morning even if their "yes" vote has already been predicted.

UPDATE: The debate has begun. Listen live here.

UPDATE II: The committee has PASSED the bill by 4-2. Onward to the full Senate!

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